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Registration and Accommodation Management


The registration process is usually one of the first points of contact between our clients and conference/event attendees, so crafting a remarkable experience is vital. At Consec we put at your disposal the human and technical capital needed to ensure registration goes smoothly, whether it is online or face-to-face.

Our team is highly experienced in handling all stages of the on-site registration process and looking after attendees with a can-do attitude that will set your event apart right from the start.

Our team receives the support of the latest events technology, which ensures participants, exhibitors, and speakers enjoy a seamless and efficient registration experience. Our technology is selected based on key criteria like functionality, user-friendliness, innovation and security. As a result, you will not only keep payments fully secure but will also have access to a wide range of personalised statistics that can be exported for analytical and decision-making purposes.


The success of a conference/event is not only assessed based on what takes place at the conference/event venue. In an experienced economy, event organisers are also expected to provide a range of services such as hotel accommodation.

Hotel accommodation services are an integral part of our PCO offering for associations, corporate meetings and events organised by government institutions. Our specialised accommodation booking and management
service helps provide a seamless experience that reinforces the overall value of every conference/event and underlines the professionalism and prestige of the organiser.

Event size is never an issue since our team has a wealth of insider knowledge about the venues available and the skills needed to book and manage accommodation for all sizes of conferences/events.

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